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Hello, my name is Joseph Turnage.


My friends and family call me Joey for short. I am a freshman majoring in Engineering Technology at Wallace State Community College.


I graduated 14th in my class from Fairview High School in May of 2015. At Fairview, I played on the varsity baseball team for all four years. I was a starting pitcher, while playing first base as my secondary position. Baseball has allways been a love of mine. I have not continued my baseball career in college, but I stay updated at all times with every Atlanta Braves game. I have watched them play in person a few times and they are by far my favorite sports team.


I was a member of the Honor Society while attending Fairview. I was involved in various activities with that group during my junior and senior year. While in high school, I never fully decided on what I wanted to do as a career one day. I had many thoughts and considered many different careers, causing me to wonder if I would ever find the perfect job for myself. I eventually decided to job shadow my brother-in-law, who a few years prior had graduated from Wallace State's Drafting and Design Technology program. That same program, since that time, has expanded and renamed to Engineering Technology. I spent a full day with my brother-in-law at his job and experienced the full affect of what he did daily. I genuinely enjoyed my time there and decided to register for classes for that program the following year after my high school graduation.


So far, nearing the end of my first semester, I feel that joining the Engineering Technology program was a great choice. I plan on graduating from WSCC with my associate degree in Engineering Technology and immediately entering the workforce afterwards. I hope to quickly find an engineering technician job because of my degree and various certificates in different engineering fields.


My favorite hobby outside of school is reading comic books. I am a huge comic book fan. However, I am not a big fan of superhero comics. Most people assume that all comics feature superheroes, but a little-known company outside of the "Big 2" mainly prints heroless graphic novels. My dream is to become a successful engineering technician, in whatever field I eventually decide to pursue, while also writing my own monthly comic book series. 


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